Tuesday, February 7, 2017

It's on your face

January 23rd, 2017

hi everyone!

this week was great! lots of blessings and miracles, as usual, and we`ve been able to see Heavenly Father`s hand in every part of the work, He is definitely here with us.

The people we`ve been teaching have really intergrated themselves with members of the ward here, coming to activities with us, making friends and connections and most importantly learning and seeing how the doctrine of Jesus Christ applies in our lives and then seeing a living representation of how happy it can make us. That was so cool. Funny story, Angelique, she`s 9, and she is one of the children of a family we are teaching, and this week we started teaching her family about the Plan of Salvation, and about how we existed before this life, after asking them a few questions about what they thought and believed, Angelique`s hand shot up and she said with confidence «On a choisi de venir ici!!» which means, we chose to come here. Everyone was a little shocked and surprised that she knew that, and then the family looked at us and asked if she was right, and with big big smiles we said, yes 100%. Then they asked her where she learned that, and she said at church. How perfect is that? The whole family was taught by the youngest daughter a very simple but powerful doctrine. The whole lesson was very successful.

Another sweet experience happened on the bus just the other day. As we waited for the bus early one morning, I started talking to an elderly gentlemen who was sitting down. We continued our small talk as we boarded the bus, and as I sat next to him, he looked at me and he said, «Mormon?» and I said, «yes, how did you know?» and he said «It`s on your face.» I was a little taken back by his response, but the smile I had just grew a little bigger because I knew what he meant. He then looked at me and said, in somewhat broken English (he was from Hungary) «you want to do good.» He went on to explain how he was Jewish, but how that he`s always respected Mormons and all the good they`ve done. It was a tender experience as I ponder his words, its on your face.

The joy of the gospel is a beautiful thing, and it can be seen in our countenance, clear as day, if we don`t try and hide it, if we don`t get in the way for letting it`s blessings shine. I realized that, that day where it was a little bit more than cold outside, that no matter what is happening around us, no matter the weather, or the circumstance, who we are, and how we feel about who we are, can and will show on our faces.

So lets all try a little harder, to be a little better, myself included, because the joy is something easily detected and desperately wanted by the people around us.

Have a great week!
Sœur Thomas

A picture of us and Daniella after giving her a chart about how to pray. She loved it. 
She`s doing so well.