Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Teach the Children

bonjour mes amis!

Again, running short on time this week. Sorry for that, but this week has been AMAZING, like AMAZING AMAZING. We`ve started teaching 2 new families, both from the Congo, and have had the chance to find several more people who want to come closer to their Father in Heaven. Sister Dinge and I have been working a lot on our teaching skills and it`s been so good, to practice with her as we study in the morning, and pray for these people to find their concerns, and to really just do our best to make sure these people can undersand and accept the gospel. Teaching is definitely a learning process.

And some of our investigators came to church this week! 3 of the children of one of the families, and they loved it. The ward did so good at welcoming them and making them feel loved. We are excited to continue to teach them. Again, they`re from the Congo, and they speak French and Swahili and it`s been fun to learn some Swahili phrases. And we got to give them some pamphlets and a Book of Mormon in Swahili and the mom loved it! Everyone will hear (or read) about the gospel in their own native tongue.

We had a few lessons with Daniella this last week, remember the cutest 10 year old ever? Last night we were teaching her about our life here on earth and what we need to do, we showed her a book for children that goes over the New Testament stories with pictures and little summaries and she loved it. We taught her about Jesus` childhood and about when He was baptized. She didn`t understand baptism at first, but then we taught her simply and her face lit up when she understood. And for a second memories of when I was being taught by missionaries when I was young flooded back to my mind. I remembered the wonder and amazement I felt as I learned about God`s plan of happiness for us, and I remember longing to be in the Celestial kingdom, and to be with our Heavenly Father and Savior again. I saw myself in this cute, innocent 10 year old girl and the feelings of love and hope I had for her almost overwhelmed me. I also felt incredibly grateful for the two missionaries who taught me, one Elder from Sweden and another from Arizona (I think), as a child around the same age as Daniella. They were patient with me and they were kind and I remember how much I loved hearing about the gospel, even if I was a punk little 10 year old. I then felt the incredible love of the Savior and the deep gratitude I had for everything He has done for me. My life has changed a lot in those 10 years since I was being taught by the missionaries, and the only constant thing in my life has been the gospel of Jesus Christ. And I`m so grateful for that. That I was able to hear it, understand it, and accept it at such a young age, and how that decision has changed my eternity. And now I get to be here helping others change their eternities. Now I get to be here and help give children that same sense of belonging and undying hope that I felt. And those sweet experience surpass everything else. I`m so grateful for my mission.

This week truly has been full of miracles and tender mercies. And Sister Dinge and I are filled with gratitude and happiness and hope for the coming weeks ahead.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, rememeber to smile!

Sister Thomas

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