Thursday, April 13, 2017

Questions and Answers

13th March 2017

Hi everyone!

Okay I have 10 minutes before we have to get off to tell you about my week, it's possible right? 

We just got done having a super fun Asian feast at this authentic buffet in town with a family in the congregation. The couple lives an hour away, but they commute every week to come to church, and one thing we recently discovered is that the husband isn't even a member! That fascinated us, and we pondered and prayed beforehand about what we would share with them as we were eating. We decided one thing, but things changed as we got there and found that the wife's sister (who was a member) and her husband (who also wasn't a member) were going to be joining us as well. We had a lovely conversation, full of both of the husbands asking us questions, them both having met dozens and dozens of missionaries in the past, about why we decided to serve missions, about each of our family situations, and what we have learned since becoming missionaries. The conversation shifted as we began to talk more about the scriptures and how they felt about them. The husbands were both indifferent about the scriptures and talked about how they were hard to read, or about how they had lots of wars in them. But we tried to help the connect the dots as we taught about an overarching theme that is found in the Book of Mormon that being the promise, "that inasmuch as ye shall keep the commandments of God ye shall prosper in the land."
Its a phrase used by nearly every prophet in the Book of Mormon and it has been an attention of my studies ever since I've become a missionary. 

Just a simple phrase and promise. If we keep His commandments then we will be blessed. We talked and mulled over the principle together and discussed how God is bound to the promises He makes to us, and that He cannot and will not withhold blessings from us if we are faithful to Him. We testified to them of the blessings and the miracles we had seen in our own young lives as we have kept the commandments and left them with the assurance that it was not a principle only applicable and successful for our generation or in our young lives, but that it was a principle that universal for all of God's children. 

And then as we were leaving the restaurant, the wife's sister's non-member husband (jeez that was confusing sorry, it would have been easier to just use names, but its too late to go back now), who is from the ORIGINAL Jersey (the small island in between England and France) and who was leaving Montreal with his wife tonight to travel back there, he and I had a wonderful conversation and I invited him to read the Book of Mormon again, and to try to do so with new eyes. Giving it a shot so to speak. And he agreed. And he, being very acquainted with the church because of his wife and their family, also agreed to watch General Conference (which is coming up in a just a few weeks!!!!), and I invited him to ask questions in preparation, and to watch it and to see if his questions would be answered. I promised him that they would, because I had seen it happen in my own life when I watched conference last October. And I told him about how it was the coolest experience ever. Because I knew that Heavenly Father had answered my prayers, and it was at that moment that I was explaining it to him, that a little light-bulb went off in my head. And I guess its the principle I'm trying to relay in this now very long email. The principle that God answers our questions. First off, that He hears our questions, and then, in His own due time, He answers them. If proof is needed for that, then we can turn to the Restoration of the Gospel in these days. The Gospel was restored to the earth in its fullness and glory, all because a young boy, who was humble and had enough faith to receive an answer, asked a question. What happened in that now Sacred Grove is proof to me that God answers us. And that He is always there for us. And I guess that is what I'm trying to say in this now, even longer, email. Hope it made some sense, I mean I only had 10 minutes to do it. 

But I love all of you. We did a lot more than just that this week, and this wasn't what I was planning on sharing, but that's just how it worked out. Everything else is going really well. We are very happy and healthy. But also cold, but I've learned that's just a side-effect of living in Canada. 

Some Pictures:
we went and partied for a whole 3 seconds with a cute family from Argentina in the ward. 
We love them. They're teaching me Spanish, 
but mostly just because I make them speak to me in spanish all the time
She's canadian so I have to give her poutine. it's like fuel for these people!

 my attempt to make homemade bread last pday. we thought it looked like a brain.

Have a wonderful week.
Sister Thomas


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