Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2 Months Down AND Genreal Conference

Rebonjour Mes Amis,

Can I just rant and rave about how amazing it is to be a missionary again? Because man it just gets better and better! I can't believe I left home just two months ago. Craziness. Crazy amounts of gratitude in my heart for the opportunity I have to serve as missionary. I've gotten to meet people for all over the world here, and share with the glad message of the Restoration, what could be cooler! I've even started keeping a list of the countries these people are from.

Here's what I have so far: Chad, Nigeria, The Philippines, The Congo, Haiti, France, Madagascar, Taiwan, New Zealand, Brazil, China, Iraq, Romania, Egypt, Belgium, and Spain! And man, the list just grows every day. I'm so grateful to be in such a diverse mission. Christ's gospel is really spreading across the whole earth. Just in different ways than we think.

Us and Jye, a recent convert, 
watching the first session of conference together! 
Forever in love with General Conference!
Lets talk about how PERFECT General Conference was. Me and my companion have not stopped talking about it since last night. I had so many questions answered and so many troubles in my heart calmed. My love for the restored gospel of Christ grows and just about explodes when I watch men of God speaking to the entire church and telling us what we need to be doing as a people, as communities, and as individuals. I cannot express how lucky we are to live in this amazing time where we have a Prophet of God here on the earth! That is the message that I have the privilege to share with the people of Montreal, that there is a Prophet on earth once again, God does speak to us, and He is our living, LOVING, merciful FATHER in Heaven. That is something I cannot specify enough. To be close to God, we have to realize His true character, and that is that He is a real being of glorified flesh and bones who loves us more than our mortal minds can comprehend. That He is the literal Father of our spirits and wants nothing more than for us to come back to Him after this life. 

That is a truth that the restored gospel has shown to us, time and time again. Let that a doctrine be the firmest part of our testimonies. Because if it is, everything other doctrine will fit perfectly next to it, every other principle will make absolute sense, and every ounce of faith we have will contribute to that truths original glory.

I know these things to be true, both in my heart and in my mind. I'm grateful for all of you and I pray for you each day.

 Another picture from last week, 
Sister Hoffmann and I on our nature walk with Laurel. 
She's so wonderful! 
(and it's in black&white, so that's extra fun)

With all the love a mere mortal can muster,
Sister Thomas

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