Tuesday, June 7, 2016

je me souviens


SO MANY AMAZING things have happened this past week, and I just wish you could have been here with me to experience it all. Too much to bother with an introduction, so I'll just jump right in.

* Remember that crazy experience I shared about finding an investigator after I had mis-dialed a phone number? Yeah, well his name is Frank, and he's amazing and we got to see him this week! We tried to meet with him on Thursday, but he canceled super last minute and then told us he was leaving on a trip to California the next day (aka Friday). So we asked if we could run over and give him a book, AKA The Book of Mormon, duh, and he said yes so we went over super quick on Friday afternoon. He lived in an apartment complex so we just a had lesson in the lobby, and we talked with him about the Book of Mormon and we explained what is was about and why it was important. We read the introduction with him and made sure he understood, at least a little, why this book was one of God's greatest gifts to us. After we had kind of finished the lesson, he told us more about his friends he was meeting up with in California. He told us he met them in Utah, and that he was planning another trip back there this time. And we were like, "Frank, do you know the Church's headquarters are in Utah?" And he was like "No, but I'll be going to Salt Lake City, is it close to there?" And me and Sister Hoffmann ABOUT DIED. We told him he HAS to go to Temple Square and walk about the visitors centers, and see the history and also the missionaries there (hehe, sneaky missionary tactic). After we told him, he was so pumped about going to Utah. We've been texting him since then, and he's been reading the Book of Mormon on the bus ride down. He should arrive in San Fran today, so updates on Frank to follow next week. AH JUST A MIRACLE.

AHHHH my heart loves this Frenchie French family so much. 
Alida is from Madagascar and Charles is from France. 
They have the CUTEST KIDS. I mean LOOK

* GUESS WHO CAME TO QUEBEC THIS LAST SATURDAY. AN APOSTLE OF THE LORD, AKA ELDER RENLUND. Elder Gong of the Seventy also joined him, and both of their wonderful wives. They spoke to us on Saturday morning in a beautiful devotional for the Stake of Mont Royal here in Montreal. It was so special. I just wanted to share a little bit of what Elder Renlund talked about. First off, on all the license plates here in Quebec there's a saying on the bottom that reads, "Je me Souviens" which translates to "I remember." And It's supposed to be for remembering their French heritage, but Elder Renlund spotlighted it in a way of us remembering the Savior and His atonement. He said that no matter what is going on in our life, if we remember the Savior, and everything that He has done for us, everything will work out exactly the way it needs to. He said by remembering Him, we can have a great eternal perspective and not get too caught up in just the day to day thinking. He said that if we remember Him, we will be able to make correct life decisions and that we will be immensely happier. I add my testimony to his, as I've come to know my fully in my life who Jesus Christ is, I have been happier and I do feel His love more abundantly. I know that Christ really is my Savior. I know that He has redeemed me from all the mistakes I've made and continue to make. I know that by remembering Him we can make better choices, and our lives will be changed as we continuously use His infinite, perfect atonement. 

AND, if you were wondering, I totally got to shake Elder Renlund's hand, and have a small conversation with him. Making him the FIRST APOSTLE I've EVER met in real life. You'd think that living in Utah for 3 years would have given me some opportunity (and it totally did, I just wasn't smart enough to take a lot of them), but nope. I met my first apostle right here, in Montreal, Quebec. AKA my favorite place in the world. 

* Also, last little bit of news. We had transfer calls last Saturday night, and of this next Wednesday, I will be training a new missionary! A fresh new "greenie" will becoming and joining me here in Kirkland, and I'M SO EXCITED! As her "trainer" I'll be showing her what missionary work is like outside of the MTC. I'm so excited to meet her, and as of right now I have no idea who she is, but I love her already. Sooooo updates to follow on who my mystery companion is next week. Stay tuned. 

Me and Sister Hoffmann saying goodbye to Sister Dukovac
 (aka the best Relief Society counselor ever). 
The ward really was so upset when they heard 
Sister Hoffmann would be leaving. 
They love us so much as a companionship, 
our bishop even tried to bribe our mission president to let us stay together.

* Oh, I also cut my hair like 3 weeks ago, I just haven't sent a picture because I still haven't accepted my new length. But a haircut was necessary because the ends of my hair were just dead and gross, so what better time to grow it out now, where my appearance matters very little.

Life is so wonderful. We are all so blessed. 
Remember to remember Him this week.

With all the love a missionary can muster,

Sister Thomas
 Cutest kids with the most interesting names. 
Here we've got Awesome and Praise right next to me, 
and then Light and Rejoice in front of us. 
Nigerians, whatcha gonna do? (the answer is love them)

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