Tuesday, June 14, 2016

hellllloooo it's [Adel]

Hiiiiiiii everyone,

So quick update, remember last week how I said I was going to be a trainer and receiving a new missionary? Well, there were some complications and my missionary didn't arrive this past week (but hopefully she will be arriving sometime within the next few weeks), so instead I received Sister Zobrist! Aka my MTC homie. When I was told she'd be my new companion I was SO PUMPED to get to work with her. So she arrived this last Wednesday and we've been running around Kirkland ever since. It's funny to see how much we have both changed just from the MTC, and it was only like 3 months ago. She's an excellent missionary. So good at following the Spirit and helping people understand the basic doctrine. I'm so lucky to be with her and I'm excited to see all that we will be able to do together for the (possibly) short time that we have. 
 Me and the fab Sister Zobrist, MTC buddies back at it.

This week we've been visiting an investigator named Adel. (Noooooo not the singer) He's actually a 60-something year old Egyptian man who we just love so much. He's met with us like 5 times in the past week, and each time has been jammed pack with him asking us questions and us trying to teach him about the Restoration. He's been a Coptic Orthodox (aka Egyptian Orthodox) Christian his whole life, but he's really interested in the church and said that he would be baptized if he received an answer that it was true. So he's had a lot of questions about how the church works, like how we are married, does every member have to be a missionary, is there a hierarchy in the church, do we believe in divorce, do we celebrate Christmas, etc. And we've been able to answer everyone of his questions and he's really liked what he's learned. Last night we re-taught him everything about the Restoration, going super slow, making sure he understood every principle. And at the end we powerfully testified of the Book of Mormon and its divinity and we explained to him that the Book of Mormon was the evidence of everything we had taught him. We told him that the sure way he could know if Joseph Smith really was a prophet of God, was by prayerfully reading and pondering the words in the Book of Mormon. By the time we were about to leave he was so excited to read it, and he promised that he'd spend an hour a day reading and studying it in Arabic (aka his first language) and English. AH he's so cool. We really do love him so much. And each time we've visited him we bring Helen (our recent convert who was baptized in May) with us and she adds her testimony to ours and really helps Adel see how the gospel can change is life for the better. She's the perfect member to bring to lessons.

Also, since Sister Zobrist has spent the past three months in a French area and has been able to really improve her French, she's able to help me improve mine. It's honestly really cool to be the same mission-age as your companion, because you're able to level with each other on things, talk about your experiences and help each other decide what really works. No one feels better than the other, no one feels like a less-capable companion, and there's just been a lot of love between us. It's a blessing to be able to be with her right now. 

The Down family. AKA my two favorite people in the world.
 They made us an AMAZING dinner this last week, and
 Brother Down is seriously the funniest person in the world. 
AH I just wish all of you could come here to Canada and meet all these amazing people.

And that's about it for this week. I hope everyone has a beautiful week and remembers how many blessings our Father in Heaven gives us. If you ever feel like your lacking blessings, just think about God's beautiful Plan of Salvation for us and I'm sure you'll find something to be grateful for. 

Till next week,

Sister Thomas
  Went to a members house last week and half way through a lesson 
we look out her window and find this HUGE PREGNANT RACCOON. 
The member felt so bad for the thing she chucked some cat food out the window. 
Guess ya gotta keep the indigenous population of raccoon stable here in Canada.

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