Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 20

Bonjour/hi from Good ol' Kirkland! 

et Bonne Fetes du Peres! 
I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day! We sure did, it was a beautiful Sabbath day and we got to have a beautiful church meeting where we talked all about Heavenly Father's love for us, as His children. I even gave a talk about it in Sacrament meeting, and it was such a blessing for me as I prepared it, and really pondered on the all encompassing love God has for us. It's almost overwhelming to know that our perfect Omnipotent Creator of the whole universe loves each and everyone one of His children on earth. And knows them individually too! That's pretty amazing. That's something to be grateful for.

At the baptism of the cutest girl. 
Then her family invited us for dinner
 after the baptism and man we just had a party. 
The family was super Quebecois and we are just in love with them :)

So another week has passed, and with it, some crazy experiences as always. We gained two new investigators but also two of our previous investigators asked to stop meeting with us, something that was very sad for us as missionaries, but because we respect peoples agency and choice, we have to respect that. And now all we can do is pray for them. And remember that this isn't our work, but the work of our Heavenly Father. Maybe now just wasn't the right time for these people, but maybe in a few months or a year, when other missionaries are here, maybe they can touch them and help them accept the gospel in their hearts. 

Anyways, onto our two new investigators, we just are already crazy about. 

Robin: She is from Connecticut and has lived in Canada for over 40 years so she says that she feels Canadian more than anything else... She is something called a naturo-path and believes in energy and that it can heal you from any symptom. We had dinner with her and she told us some crazy stories but she already loves the Book of Mormon so that is pretty solid. She said "I collect people so I think I will keep you in my collection." It kinda freaked us out but then she explained that she collects people at her dinner table, so she's had all different kinds of people over at her house. I guess now she can check off "Mormon Missionaries."

Jenny: GOLDEN GOLDEN GOLDEN. We met her knocking doors in a city called Beaconsfield. We saw this adorable blue cottage and I said "Sister we have to knock this door, it says its a cottage and its beautiful!" So we knock on her door and she answers with her giant dog and we say "Hi how are you?" and she just says, "What's the next question?" so we awkwardly try to scramble something up and the whole time we are just thinking, "She's not interested, she doesn't want anything to do with us". But she tells us that she is moving, and as we keep talking with her, she bursts into tears. She tells us that her husband just passed away from cancer and that she is been having a really hard time. So I ran up the stairs and just held her as she cried. Then she looked me in the eyes (I was crying by that point too) and I promised her that she would see him again. And that he wouldn't be riddled with any sicknesses or infirmities, but that he would be at peace. I promised her that they could be together forever. That their marriage could continue on into eternity. We then asked if we could come back on Saturday and share more and she said yes. As we were leaving she said, "I just feel so much better thank you so much". So basically she's perfect and we love her. 

But other than that, not too much has happened. We've been doing a lot of contacting and finding those who are interested in our message. Barely anyone ever says yes, but we keep trying and we are constantly seeing the blessings from opening our mouths. 

Again I'm so grateful for my Father in Heaven. And His perfect ability to love me and all of us. It's such a blessing to know that our God is a God of love and mercy. That's the first thing we teach people, because it's that important. It's that essential for people to understand! And once people do understand, trust me, it changes everything. Sister Zobrist and I have seen that as we teach people who had either no preconception or a negative preconception of God. It changes their whole outlook on life. So everyone, remember that God loves us. And don't forget it. EVER.
 We were driving and we about crashed
  (just kidding we were safe) we saw it. 
OH MAN. It was BEAUTIFUL. I pulled the car 
over and got out just to look at it. Then it started pouring, 
so this was the resulted picture. Man my mission is perfect.

I love you all,
Sister Thomas

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