Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bonne Fete de Quebec!

The Quebec Temple

Allooooo World,

How is it already Monday again? And how the heck is next week July? I have honestly no idea how that's possible. I swear my concept of time is so contorted right now. But hopefully I figure out it sometime in the next 13 months. 

Friday was the national holiday for Quebec. It's where they celebrate St. Jean de Baptiste, who's the patron saint of Quebec, but really it just turns into a huge party for the most prideful providence in Canada. And it's funny because Canada Day is this next Friday. So all the Francophone Quebecois people celebrate on the 24th, but the rest of the English speaking Canadians celebrate on the 1st. So really it's just two straight weekends of people partying and not wanting anything to do with missionaries. So that's fun. 

There was this party thing at a park in town, and no one wanted to talk to us, 
but I had to get a picture of the cute little Quebec national party signs

But this week have still found people! On St. Jean de Baptiste day we actually found a group of college kids and started talking to them about religion. There was one girl who was really interested. Her name is Daria, and she said she's been having a hard time with college, but that she's always been interested in religion. She grew up Catholic, but said that their view of God is something that's never matched hers. When we taught her that God is our loving Heavenly Father she was like, "YES! Now that sounds right." Then she had to get on a bus, but we got her phone number and she said that she looked forward to the next time she would see us. We also gave her a pamphlet about the Plan of Salvation, soooo seeds are being planted. 

We also started teaching a woman named Denise, who's from Haiti. We just had a lesson with her today where we talked about the Restoration of the Gospel and she understood everything so quickly. And she actually said that she wanted us to help her change her life, something that I have not heard anyone say since I've been on my mission. She was so humble and prepared to hear about the gospel, she truly is the definition of a miracle. The only annoying thing is that she's a French speaker, and we are in an English ward, so we have to pass her off to the other Sister Missionaries who are in charge of the French people in her area. So dang. But she said that she would be baptized on August 6th. So everyone pray for Denise! SHE'S AMAZING.

Our Saturday Morning Breakfast Club. These women have my heart <3

We also helped a cute family paint their first home. It was so tender. The wife is the daughter of one of the members of in the stake, but she hasn't been to church since she was a teenager. But she moved into a home 5 minutes away from us, and now we love her soooo we are definitely going to be seeing her more. Pray for her (Lindsay) that she might have the desire to come back to church! 
 PAINTING YAY! (she wanted to paint the whole house white, go figure but it was so fun!)

Sister Zobrist and I are still awesome. We get along so well and really help each other to be better (in a super loving way). I am so grateful for her and for Heavenly Father knowing how much I needed to be with Sister Zobrist. We have so much fun together and we work hard too. I love her so much.

And I love you all too. Have a great week and remember to pray. It's the way we communicate to our Heavenly Father, and I promise that He really wants to hear from you. 

Till next week,
Sister Thomas
 Comp Selfie!!!!!

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