Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Promising Blessings!

July 11th

Hellloooooo world,

Wowowowow, what a week. We, again, spent a lot of time contacting, but didn't have the mass amounts of success as we did last week. And I think that just goes to show that everything that happened last week, was truly a miracle from the Lord. But it was successful in a lot of different ways. We visited a lot of our members, and helped them cultivate a greater vision for missionary work within their own homes and that was cool. 

And yesterday we decided to go contacting in this park we've visited a few times before, it's beautiful and it's right on the water, so usually there's a lot of people who are walking through. And in previous times, we've went and walked around and have run into people from literally all over the world, and then after talking to them, finding out their first language (then realizing that we had a copy of the Book of Mormon in their language in the car), we'd tell them we'd be right back and run back to the car and get them a Book of Mormon. This process happened severally times for a few different languages. So last night, we decided we'd be prepared and so put in our bags and carried in our arms about 15 or so copies of the Book of Mormon. In an assortment of languages. We had several French and English, but then we brought Arabic, and Farsi (which we've given out quite a few of recently), Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Creole. And then we walked around for about an hour and half and tried to give these sacred books of scripture to people. And we even met a few Arabs and a Chinese lady, but they didn't want a copy of The Book of Mormon. So by the end we still had almost all of our copies and our shoulders and our arms tired, and we were a little bummed, but we knew the Lord would provide us with a miracle that day if we had sufficient faith.

Which leads me to the miracle of the week. James. James is a young man who is a young man who is the nephew of one of our members. We visit his aunt once a week on Sunday evenings and we read scriptures and watch conference talks with her. And we would invite him to come join us, but he never wanted to. Then last week, we went over a watched the new Children's Bible Videos the church has released, and we invited James to watch them with us and he said yes! He watched all of them with us and he said he really liked them. But then we had to leave to make curfew, so we gave him a Book of Mormon told him we'd be back next week to talk more. Sooooo, finally we get to last night and we get to the house and no one is home. We call our member and she tells us to wait, so we do, and finally like 15 minutes later they show up. And I start talking to James about the book, and he said that's actually started reading it. Then we started talking about prayer, and he said he felt like he couldn't pray, mostly because he didn't feel like he was able to actually talk to God after some decisions and the way his life has turned out. But then we taught him about repentance. We taught him about how God will always forgive us, because He has and will always love us. He said that he's kept a lot of anger in his heart, and that he didn't like it. We promised him that that anger could go away. That Christ could heal him and that he would be able to be let it go. He said that he felt like he wanted to give up sometimes, but I promised him that it didn't have to be that way. I promised him the Gospel of Jesus Christ could, and would, help him. Before we left he offered a prayer, asking for forgiveness from God, the spirit was so strong as he offered his simple but fervent prayer, angels might as well have been there. It was a beautiful lessons filled with heart-felt pleadings for help coupled with heart-felt pleadings of promise. We are meeting again with him and his aunt tonight, to talk about the Restoration and The Book of Mormon. So please keep James in your prayers.  

With our new best friend Laurie (she's Jewish) 
We stopped by her pizza shop right before Zone Meeting and had this amazing pizza 
and she told us that we could come back so we love her.

And that is the miracle I have to report to this week. It was a good week, we didn't get to teach many lessons though, because no one wants to schedule a time with us, but we are optimistic for next week.

Speeeeeaking of next week, it'll be the last week of the transfer for me and dear ol' Sister Zobrist. Can't believe six weeks has actually gone by already. We will get our calls on Saturday night to see if we will be staying in Kirkland or leaving the area. So that will be exciting.

Hope everyone has a beautiful and safe week!
Remember that God loves you! 

Sister Thomas

"But if ye will turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart, and put your trust in him, and serve him with all diligence of mind, if ye do this, he will, according to his own will and pleasure, deliver you out of bondage."
Mosiah 7: 33

Children's Bible Videos
 We saw this and our hope was reassured that at least some people in Quebec
 are still aware of the commandments. hehe

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