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goblins, ghouls, and gangsters

October 31st
I love Sister Torres!!
what a beautiful week in Montréal. We`ve had lots of great lessons this past week and, as usual we`ve seen soooo many miracles.

we went on a few exchanges this week with the other sisters in the area, and I love to see how much I can learn from them. One of them taught me of the importance of keeping a study journal. Obviously I have a journal to write my personal thoughts and feelings of what happens each day, but I hadn`t really been using a journal to record what I was learning in my studies each morning. She showed me hers, and how she used it, and how it helped her, and I`ve been using one since and I can say, it really does help. When we record the things we learn and the thoughts and impressions that the Spirit gives us, it shows Heavenly Father that we care about what He`s teaching us and that we want to remember it.  
 here is a picture of my facial expressions when I have to call people (IN FRENCH)
 who previous were learning about the Church and then stopped for whatever reason.
 It can be stressful but sometimes people are really happy to hear from missionaries again. 
We got a few appointments for the next week so we shall see how it pans out.

We had a really good lesson with one of our progressing investigators this week. He`s met with missionaries for awhile (I haven`t talked about him before) and he knows this is a good path for him. He`s been reading the Book of Mormon a lot. He was in Mosiah 2 the last time we talked with him (!), all he needed was a little push. So, while on exchanges with a different Sister we talked with him about the Book of Mormon and what it can do for us. I asked him if he had prayed specifically about the Book of Mormon, and if it was true or not, he said no, we then testified of how important it is to ask God when we have questions, or when we are making décisions in our lives. I told him how I received an answer about the Book of Mormon and then he stares right in my eyes and says, (in English) «Sister Thomas, you`re a spiritual gangster.» Me and Sister Bradley had a hard time not laughing because it was just so out of the blue. He went on talking about how gangsters were cool (kinda) but powerful in what they talked about, and I guess that was how he saw me and my companion in that moment. So let us all be spiritual gangsters and powerfully spread the truth, as a gangster would.

me and sister Bradley on exchanges, with our little Québec poppy pins. sooo cute

Funny story,
On that same exchange with Sister Bradley we went to visit a family in the ward, who I`d never visited before, so I was excited to get to know them and talk with them. When we arrived we were greeted by THIS HUGE FEAST OF HAITIAN FOOD (which I`ve eaten like 4 nights in a row because there`s so many haitians in this ward, i love it). It was like 3 in the afternoon and neither of us were really hunger but the mom comes and says (in French) «EAT EAT EAT!!!!» so, being obedient and slightly scared, we start eating. And every time we were almost done with our plate of food she would say «no noooo, sœur thomas, il faut de manger, il faut de manger!» meaning nooooo you MUST eat. So. we kept eating. we ate for a long time. and she had already eaten so she was just staring at us as we ate, and her family came in and out of the kitchen and we chatted with them, and then she would say «I spent all day cooking this, and I`m sick, so you have to eat my food!!!» ahhhh! It was quite the experience. But finally, she mericifully let us stop and we shared a spiritual thought, and then I had a hard time moving because I was so full. But eventually we made it out of the house and me and Sister Bradley felt like we just walked out of a war zone. We were sing «all is well... all is well..» then we walked off the food as we tried to find the bus to pick us up. Ìt all works out somehow.

Guess what!
We had a lesson with Christian (the one we found because of my wet socks and his mexican music) and he is SO AWESOME. We brought a member of the spanish ward and we had a lesson in spanish, with again me piping in with French, and man he was sooooo cool. He has been looking for answers for a long time, and as we testified it was awesome to let him know that God has given us answers, that He doesn`t want us to be confused, and that He loves us. We are going to see Christian again on Thursday and we are soooo excited.

Okay that`s it for today,
hope everyone has a safe and fun halloween! (and noooo missionaries don`t get to wear disguises, but me and Sister Torres decided to switch our name tags, so that`s almost the same thing)

the ward halloween party!!!! 
 Frere Morin (the man in the wig) is seriously one of the funniest people ever. 
He danced (by himself) for about 5 minutes when no music was playing. 
He is the proof that Mormons know how to have a good time.

The pirate is my new favorite person ever. 
His French is sooooo Québecois (which means his accent is super thick) 
so sometimes I hardly understand him, but he`s so great!

 Some hispanic members, Aunt Jemima and some mummy. They`re cuuute
à la semaine prochaine!

Sœur Thomas

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