Tuesday, November 8, 2016

big city livin'

October 17th

Wowowow the week went fast. I can`t believe it`s already been one week in my new area!! Things are so exciting here. (FYI, I apologize in advance for this email, and my future emails, we are emailing at the Library and they have french keyboards here, so if spelling and punctuation may be way off, know that I`m not becoming illiterate, just that things are a little more complicated).
 Montréal is the most beautiful city EVER. the autumn here is nuts.
 Sister Morgan, my last companion, would count how many times in a day 
I would scream about the trees,
They`re soooooo pretty!
My new area is wonderful. I`m in the city and it`s so exciting and lively and full of potential.

My companion, Sister Torres is great. She`s about to finish her mission so I`m going to try to squeeze all the information out of her that I can. She`s from Nevada but her family is from Mexico, so she speaks fluent Spanish. Making her the 3rd spanish speaking companion I`ve had on my mission. You`d think I`d be fluent by now too, but alas, not yet. I`m still Learning how to pray in spanish though! And that`s fun. 
 here`s a picture of me and sister Torres, taken literally 5 minutes ago. I already love her lots.

French is going great. It felt like a really natural transition. My time in my English area was up, and now Heavenly Father is helping me improve my French. What a blessing! We`ve had a lot of really good lessons this week, both with members and non-members, and it`s been such a testimony building experience as I`ve watched Heavenly Father give me the words to say to these people, whether it was talking and testifying about the Book of Mormon, or whether it was challenging someone to quit smoking and drinking, Heavenly Father helped me and gave me the ability to speak to his children.

My new ward is wonderful. The majority of the members are Africans or Haitians and they`re all so amazing. Such strong testimonies. I can`t wait to learn more from them. We had a potluck yesterday after Church and it was a perfect time for me to get to know some of the members. I think that`s one of my favorite things to do as a missionary, to get to know the members Ì`m serving with. They all have such different lives and backgrounds, but the gospel of Jesus Christ brings us all together.

We teach this family that moved here from Korea and the dad made us some DELICIOUS korean noodles. 
Best asian food I`ve had thus far on my mission. 
This is the cute mom, Sister Yun. (we are helping her learn English, 
but her kids speak french) she`s already a favorite

I`ll just share one experience quickly, again with some people from Iran. We were taking the Metro to Church yesterday and I sat next to this mother and her daughter. I started talking to them and I learned that had moved here from Iran within the last few years. I told them the one Iranian phrase I knew, d'où stat durham, which is I love you, and they were so excited about it. I asked them to teach me a few more phrases, things like, hello, how are you, I`m Sister Thomas, etc. And they wrote down how to pronounce them for me as well. Then we parted our ways as I got off the metro, and then the next person I sat next to on the metro was also Iranian! His name was Ali, and he was super cool. I told him the phrases I had just learned, and he loved hearing a little bit of Farsi. We got his information and he said he`d be super willing to learn more about Jesus Christ. Every contact we`ve made this week has been super promising. There is soooo much work to be done in the city and I`m excited that I get to be apart of it!

Well everyone have a great week, talk to you next Monday!

Sister Thomas
 One more picture of the food!

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