Monday, November 7, 2016

J’irai où tu veux que je sois, Seigneur

October 11th


The members in Kirkland spoil us missionaries.

Yes, yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving, which is why I didn't get to email, and yes it was super fun, and yes we did have a beautiful feast (pictures to follow), and no it didn't really feel right because its still so early in the year for Thanksgiving. But hey, when in Canada, be Canadian, eh?

And lots of exciting changes will be taking place in the life of Sister Thomas as of tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will be transferring, after almost 8 full months in Kirkland, to Ville Marie! An area closer to downtown Montreal and I'll be taking care of the French speakers there (so yay, I'll finally learn French!). My companion will be Sister Torres and she'll be helping me figure out how to be a Sister Training Leader (details of that position to follow next week) which is just a fancy title for me getting opportunities to help the other Sister missionaries in my new area. 

So this weekend was full of a lot of goodbye tears and hugs and laughs. Kirkland truly become my home away from home, and these people have subsequently become my family. But, just as He has always done, Heavenly Father is giving me new opportunities to learn and to grow from new people and new situations. 
  One of theeeeee hardest goodbyes by far. BRIDGET, MY NIGERIAN PRINCESS.
 It's so funny to see who can work their way into your heart, and just make themselves at home.
 Bridget has my whole heart gosh dang it. It was so hard to say goodbye to her and Jesse and Great,
 (so the smiles are just to hide our tears) but now another missionary 
will get to experience their beautiful special spirits.

So this email won't be too exciting other than the exciting news I've already shared.

But, I do want to share an experience we had with our investigator (I bet you can guess who it is by now...), none other than the wonderful perfect, beautiful, Sabina. She's been doing really well. We finally got to teach her the second half of the Plan of Salvation, where we address what happens after we leave this mortal body. And it was so special as we shared with her how PERFECT God's plan for us is. How He is both so perfectly merciful and just, and about how He has prepared a place for all of His children. And how it is left up to us to decide, for ourselves, what we plan on doing with the information of His plan, and if we will do what it takes in this life to be able to live worthy with our Heavenly Father again. It was a fantastic lesson. Making the goodbyes we had to say yesterday even harder. But I assured her that the missionary who would be replacing me (her name is Sister Sully and I had met her a few times beforehand) would just be perfect for her and would be able to help her continue on in her spiritual journey. Sabina truly has been a blessing in my life. 
 Saying goodbye to the lovely Sabina and her cuuuuute family.

Please know that I'm doing great, and that I'm (still, as always) loving being a missionary. Heavenly Father has kept me safe and healthy, and I couldn't be more grateful for that. 

Hope everyone has a great week!

Sister Thomas

 A parting picture of Sister Morgan and I from the temple a few weeks ago.

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