Sunday, January 1, 2017

Venez tous, fidèles, Joyeuse nouvelle!

December 19th
Hi everyone and happy almost Christmas!!! 🎅💚❤⛄🌨

wow, another happy week, full of happy things.

finishing up an exchange with some of spanish sisters!!

I was thinking about what I should write in this email, and I thought to an experience that happened last week that I hadn`t shared, and I feel like I should share now,

it`s about our investigator Amadou, the one from Mali, who wants to build a giant Church there when he wins the lottery. The missionaires have been working with him for awhile, and he is so ready to be baptized, but he still has to work through somethings. But we had an incredible experience with him last week. One of his problems was accepting the principle of having a modern day prophet, he denied it. He readily accepts and loves Joseph Smith, but didn`t believe that Thomas S Monson was his rightful successor. We talked about it, but his heart just seemed hard. But he said he would pray and ask God, and continue reading in the Book of Mormon. So we went back later that week and he told us he had a dream.
And in the dream, he was in his home, and a missionary (an Elder who was serving in the ward) was there with him. The missionary was asking him questions, and he said «do you believe that Thomas S Monson is a prophet?» Amadou replied no. Then the missionary asked, «do you believe in the Atonement of Jesus Christ?» and Amadou replied yes, absolutely. And then the missionary said, «Alors, il faut pour vous de croire.» which translates to, well, then it is necessary for you to believe. As Amadou recounted his dream, we were astonished. And we talked to Amadou about what it meant, but he still didn`t want to accept the principle, even after his dream. So we continued to talk about it, to teach, and to testify. And we helped him understand that it was an answer to his prayers, and we told him that as missionaries, we are représentatives of the Savior, and once he understood that concept, he realized his dream was as if Christ Him-self was actually talking with him.
Then, continuing into the weekend, the Elder`s (the male missionaries) went over and visited him a few days later. And they asked him the same questions, about if he believe in our modern-day prophet. And Amadou said, «oui, maintenant je comprend.» meaning, yes, now, I understand.

We saw his heart change, in just a matter of a week, we saw him understand doctrine. And he is moving closer to baptism, he is moving closer to Jesus Christ. And we get to see that. We saw him this last week, and read in the Book of Mormon with him, and unintentionally on our part, the things we read directly applied to him and his circumstance. It was a Spirit-filled lesson.

I know the Book of Mormon is true, I`ve received witness after witness and I cannot deny it. I know that we have a prophet today, and it is because God loves us, and He wants to give us guidance in these days and in our times, as difficult as they are. And I`m so grateful for that. The truth is restored, and Christ is our Savior, and we get to celebrate Him and His birth in just 6 days.

And yes, I am far from home this Christmas, and yes that can be sad, but I am so happy here, because my heart is here, and it is with these people. And if one Christmas away from home is the price I`d pay to bring people expériences like Amadou`s, then I`d do it every Christmas. (but I won`t, mom, don`t worry, I`m coming home next year)

joyeux noël mes amis,

je vous aime,

Sœur Thomas
After being seperated, only for a few months, I was reunited with my best friend. Olive Arbuckle, aka the most beautiful women in the world. We became best friends in my last area, and it was sooo hard to say goodbye. But we were tenderly reunited this last week at a Christmas concert. happy hearts, knit together!

And here is my other bestfriend, Sister Loute, 
my haitian queen. It was her birthday
 and we got to celebrate it with her. Sooooo special.

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