Thursday, April 13, 2017

Consistency Is The Key

27th March 2017

Hi everyone!

After trying to contact someone, we found this door that had "Thomas was here" etched into it.

Running short on time, so I think I'll just try to summarize this week up into a few bullet points.

  • We have been teaching this family from The Philippines, a mother and her son (we've been working a lot with her son, who has a very little background with God) who we love very much, and there was a baptism in the French congregation this last Saturday, and Leia and Syndey were able to come! It was so fun to see them there, and even though it was in a different language, they still understood the Spirit that was felt. The young man who was getting baptized was actually one of Sydney's friends from high school, so that was super cool for him to see a friend choose to come back to Christ. Afterwards we talked with Sydney about it, and in his own words, he said it was "AWESOME!" We were so happy. We are seeing them tonight.
  • We started getting one family to read the Book of Mormon before the end of the summer after I explained very simply to the husband that if you only read 3 pages of that sacred record of scripture a day, you are finished within 6 months. JUST 3 PAGES. And he was very surprised, like "really its that simple?!" and of course we were like, "yes, but the secret is consistency." I really have learned that to be the secret ingredient to true conversion in the gospel. We need to be consistent in our prayers, consistent in our scripture reading, and consistent with our deep reflection about the Savior. It's not easy, but I can say from experience, it has made the world of a difference for me. Consistency is truly the key. SO, everyone just THREE pages a day. Its possible, completely do-able. Lets do it. This year.
  • Yesterday we found this super cool woma
    n from Afghanistan, who has the cutest two kids, and who was extremely open, and who had some amazing questions. We were so happy to meet her, and to get to talk with her. She had honest, sincere questions about God's true nature and we were able to simple answer them, and frankly confirm previous thoughts she has had. It was super cool experience and we are meeting with her this week. People really are prepared by the Lord to receive light and truth.
  • ALSO, women's conference was SUPER AWESOME, there is not enough time today, but really we had revelatory experiences, it was incredible. And I can't wait for General Conference next week, don't forget to watch it! HERES THE LINK!
And thats about it, I know no one really reads my super long emails anyway, but I hope this little snip-it of our week will suffice until we meet next Monday. I love you all. I am very happy to be here. I'm just really happy. 

A member had some GIANT SCRIPTURES 

After knocking on this cute house and talking to a cute granddaughter, 
a cute grandmother gave a cute teddybear. 

Have a beautiful week,
Sister Thomas

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