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Prince of Peace

3rd April 2017

 Here was a literal blanket of snow we found a truck. ugh, Canadian weather.


selfie with the blanket

Hi everyone! 
So happy to be here on this BEAUTIFUL (finally!!) afternoon here in good ol' Quebec. The weather has been fantastic since yesterday and its finally making us think that spring might be coming. 
This week was so good! We had General Conference this last Saturday and Sunday, which was revelatory and amazing and fantastic beyond words (I'll attach my favourite, ugh Canadian autocorrect, favorite, talks at the bottom of the email). And we have been able to start sharing the amazing Easter initiative with people! It has lead to several very genuine conversations about religions, philosophies and different lifestyles with many different people. But one things for sure, the principles of peace are universal and all encompassing. Again, I really invite all of you to go to and watch the video (its 2 minutes and 32 seconds long, you can do it) and then scroll down and look at the various principles. There are principles like, faith, compassion, prayer, and forgiveness to name a few. Each one comes with different ideas to how to find peace through the principle and comes with a beautiful video (the compassion one is my favorite right now). It offers us simple ideas of things we can do to really prepare ourselves for Easter. I started working on faith this morning by reading some scriptures ( scroll down until the highlighted verses) and it was a very very special experience. Scriptures speak to us. 

Anyways, here's an attempt at a more organized email. 

Funny Moment:
Okay, here, and it must be just be in the South Shore, there are, what must be, dozens of these lime green little Hyundai hatchbacks that we see everywhere. We've turned it into our own little "punch buggie" game and pretty sure I'll be getting a bruise sometime soon. THERE ARE SO MANY! We don't get it. 
Went and had a family home evening at a members house with our amazing recent convert Sandra. We got teamed together for the activity, which was putting together a puzzle, and man we were pretty disadvantaged considering we had theeee most complicated puzzle and we tried to do it on the couch. Mais, malgré tout ça, we did it! We put it together. I love her so much.

Happy Moments:
  • Sydney came to the chapel and watched General Conference with us! He came for the last half Sunday Afternoon session and he really liked it, we were so happy that he had the chance to see and feel what General Conference was like. And we've made plans to visit him this next week and watch with him a few other talks that he missed. He is doing well. We love him and his family, which actually doubled this week, because two of his brothers came back from their vacation in the Philippines, and we've started teaching one of them! Teaching a family about the gospel really is the best thing ever. So much good comes because of it. And Sydney is a great example for his younger brother. We love them so much.
  • Alrighty, so about a month ago we started teaching this super cute family from India, Kulwind and Singh, who have two small children who are just the cutest. It's been interesting to teach them, as they don't have much of Christian background, but it's been wonderful as we have taught using pictures about the life of Jesus Christ and have brought them Hindi material. The husband, who is gone frequently because of his job as a truck driver, is very kind and has a huge desire to come to church. We have Stake Conference (a conference with the other congregations in the area) this Sunday and, luckily, he doesn't work and he said him and his family would be going. We are going to help them get there, but man we have so much love for them and teaching them simply about the gospel is a wonderful thing.
  • We used those Plan of Salvation cut outs again (THANK YOU REBECCA) to teach one of our investigators, Dary about what happens to us after we die. A young family friend of hers recently passed away unexpectedly and it really rattled her. We were able to give her the hope and happiness that comes with God's plan as we explained exactly where her cute young friend was. It was a very personal and powerful experience for her to realize where she, personally, wants to be after this life. She wants to be with God and her family and friends again. And she's beginning to understand what she must do to get there. And we are right there with her. We also set her up to watch conference at her home yesterday, and we are sure it was a great experience. We invited her to write down some questions she had in preparation for conference, and because we know she was ready to receive answers, we know that God will them to her 

Sorry it's so long, but I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and to bring it back, I really invite you to visit for those principles, they can change everything. They've changed me. 

Love you all!
Sister Thomas

Sister Bascom retried the bread recipe today and it worked beautifully! 
 ITS LIKE PURE GOLD (and don't worry its whole wheat flour)

Favorite talks: 
I love the idea, to not LEAN away from Christ.

Goals and Planning. What every missionary, and person needs to know. 

Words from a dear Prophet of God, who only tells us exactly what we need to know and do. Listen to his counsel, I know that I will

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