Monday, May 15, 2017

Thankful for Gutters!

10th April 2017

Hi everyone!

Okay, so I was going to start this email off complaining about the constant rain we've been having this week, then I was going to express the empathy I've developed for the missionaries in rainy places like Washington. But, instead, I will start this email off by saying how shocked I am at the fact that today I've sweat. Its like 24 degrees right now. Which is like 75ish degrees Fahrenheit and we cannot believe it. The sun is out and everyone is happy. What a great start to the week.

Funny Moment:
  • Okay, last week I attached a picture of me and a recent convert, Sandra, who I love so much. This last week as we visited her I left a note in her shoe, and I assumed that we would be getting a call from her the following day saying she found it. But then the next day came and there was no call. And then a few days came, and the next time we saw her we asked if she had found anything, to which she replied noooo. And then a few days after that, after she had worn those shoes to church and everything, she calls us back and she is just screaming. She was so surprised to find it in her shoe almost a week later. We all laughed and laughed. And I figured it was worthy sharing with everyone. So, make a note, shoes are a good place to hide things.
  • Another thing, this week I finally came to understand why we have gutters. They've always been something that has troubled me. I've heard people complain about gutters my whole life and just never got the point of them. But this week it made sense. I think they were invented to protect missionaries in rain storms. Because, I realized without a gutter I would get soaked by rain running off the roofs while trying to talk to someone on their porch. So. This week I was grateful to my Father in Heaven for the simplicity and practical design of gutters. 
Happy Moments:
  • This week we started teaching a girl named Milie, who actually lives right under another member of the ward. After hearing about her from the members, we wanted to meet her but had never found the right time, then this week, the stars aligned, and we got to sit down with her for a few minutes. And it was wonderful! We shared the Prince of Peace video with her, to which her only words were "that was SO CUUUTE!!!", then we shared the accompanied faith video, and we all almost in tears. Then she started asking questions about everything we do and what we believe, and we were able to teach her simply about the message of the Restoration. She was so excited about it! She took the Book of Mormon, and as we said we would like to leave that copy with her, she held it tightly to her chest and was so excited to read and learn more about it. She was SOOO CUTE. We'll see her again this next week. :)
  • About Syndey, he is doing great. He has expressed the difficulty he has had with making big decisions, like being baptized. He said that his mother said that she wanted him to stay Catholic, and now, after his 18th birthday, he is in the process of making his own decisions. And this week we've really tried to help him identify God, and how God answers his prayers. We've helped him identify the pattern, and the answer that comes, so now we have to help him move forward with faith and continue to ask questions. We also helped him understand how we can share the gospel with his brothers and with his mom. We are trying to give him a bigger picture that this can be a family choice, and how it can really help them grow stronger. He's been inviting his family, and now it's just up to them to listen, but we know with his example, and all that he is doing, miracles really will happen.

And for a super happy moment, I talked on the phone with Sister Dinge this morning about the people in my last area, and was so happy to hear that many people are progressing and coming to church, and are having wonderful experiences. AND! Shatick and a beautiful Haiti woman named Sherly are getting baptized this weekend! Both people that Sister Dinge and I contacted while we were together, but either who lived in a different area, or who spoke a different language. But its so wonderful how the missionaries here work together. One companionship may find, and one companionship may teach, but we are all there united at the baptism, and we are all there rejoicing that another one of our brothers and sisters has made steps to come back home. What a beautiful Easter gift. Best I've ever gotten!

Okay, hope I've been able to pass off some of our happiness here. Things really are wonderful. Wonderful, but not easy. Happy, but only because of our hard work. And we work for our Savior, Jesus Christ, because we love him.

Have a wonderful week and HAPPY EASTER!!! (I'll write a more Easter Themed email next week. This really is my favorite time of the year, enjoy every second!)
Sister Thomas

"And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins." 2 Nephi 25: 26 (

Sister Bascom forgot her camera today 😿 (we like hers a lot more than mine)
we even had some funny pictures. But, oh well. Until next week!

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