Thursday, April 13, 2017

Do I Even Remeber How to Speak English

February 13, 2017
Hi everyone!

happy birthday to me!!! Sister Dinge went nuts with the décorations, it was so fun :)

What a week, what a week! We ended the extended exchange with Sister Poulton last Monday evening so Sister Dinge and I were reunited and got to work together again and be together for my birthday! Sister Dinge was so sweet and we set up little decoration and ballons, and I blew out some candles and it was special. It`s weird to have birthdays, or big holidays on the mission, we wake up and the mornings feel the same, we remember and know why we are here and what we are supposed to do and rarely give anything else another thought, so when these big events come around it`s a little different. But nonetheless, it was really wonderful and and it was a day I won`t forget anytime soon.

Some of my favorite people ever took us out to eat for a birthday dinner, it was delicious!!
 I love them.
Continuing on... there will be some big changes this next week because... don don don don! I`m getting transferred! I will be leaving the beloved Ville Marie area and going to the South Shore of Montréal (which means I`m finally leaving the island of Montréal for the first time my whole mission, weird) and I will be in the Green Field Park ward. Which is, as you can guess by the name, English speaking!! And I will be receiving a new missionary and welcoming her into the mission field! 
 Flashback!!! Took Sister Hoffmann on her last exchange this week,
 we`ve been so blessed to be so close my entire mission 
and then we got to be together one last time before she goes home this week. 
She is the best!

I am honestly so excited to be training again, and in English too! Oh man, don`t get me wrong, I love French so much and have loved these past 3 transfers (or 6 week periods) serving in this beautiful language, but there is something special about sharing the gospel in your native tongue, and I`m excited for this new Sister to experience that. I just hope that I`ll be able to remember how to speak and teach in English, because even now I sometimes have troubles with mixing French words into my English conversations or saying English prayers, but Heavenly Father will help us.

Saying goodbye to members is the saddest thing ever,
 Sister Thelemaque has my whole heart :`(

Saying goodbye to the members yesterday was bittersweet, as goodbyes on the mission usually are, because we really grow to love everyone in the ward in a very special way; but I won`t be leaving the area until this Wednesday, so there is still time to see a lot of people, exchange hugs, handshakes, and testimonies, and really enjoy the company of the spirit. I will miss this area very much, but I know that Heavenly Father still has great things in store for me and my trainee in Green Field Park.

Frère Thelamaque, the Bishop, and our recent convert Simon, they are so fun!

Anyways, this week I promise we had lots of miracles, and I know the Lord is working with us, and helping us find people who are ready to receive Him. He does guide us and direct us, and I am infinitely grateful for that.

this is like the worst picture ever, but it`s just so funny so I have to send it. 
had a little party with Daniella after we read some of the Book of Mormon Stories book
 (it`s so cute it has pictures and little summaries of the stories of the Book of Mormon, she loved it)

Have a wonderful week!
Sister (yay, I can pull my English tags out again!) Thomas
 Took the other missionaries car for the day and tried to find parking in the city. with the crazy snow we`ve been having it was the biggest JOKE. it was like parking in antarctica.


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