Thursday, April 13, 2017

New Things

20th February 2017

hi from the South Shore of Montreal,

President and Sister Phillips, our wonderful Mission President and his wife, Sister Bascom and I. Ohhhh so much love.

Wow wow, what a week, it was busy and crazy but oh so successful. It all started last Wednesday as the Mission President announced the trainers for each of the eleven new missionaries, he called my name and then said "you will be receiving Sister Bascom!" and after a big hug and initial laughs and giggles our grand adventure started. We were both new coming to this area, and lucky enough Sister Zobrist (who was just leaving this area) was at the mission office as well, so she was able to give us the low down on all the things that had been happening in the Greenfield Park Area for the past six months. She was such a big blessing. She wrote out copious notes for us and gave us a detailed ward list and all the necessary information we needed to get started. And then we left the city and started the 45 minute trip to our new area. Last week it had been snowing A TON here, like ridiculous amounts of snow, well over 2 feet at least, and I had to drive it in. Before leaving I joked with the Mission President that he was trying to kill me because I've told him how much I hate driving in the snow before, and he just laughed at me. But, we are happy to report that this week we have been A-okay, because the heat wave that's hit the past few days has mettled all the snow! Today was the first time since December I've worn my lighter jacket and man, we are just loving the sun. Montreal weather is so weird.

Sister Bascom is super great. A little bit about her, she is from Alberta, she comes from a big family and has two adopted siblings (of course we bonded over that), she played rugby and soccer so she's super sporty and fun, definitely a hard worker, and she loves the French language. Basically she came pre-trained, and I just get to help her adjust. We both entered this area with a lot of energy and looking for ways to serve and help these members and investigators. They are great, we already love them so much and we are optimistic for the next three months.

 Found Sister Hoffmann at the mission office right before she had her closing interview with the Mission President, now she is home :( but we got a generations picture before she left. 
Grandma, mom, and grand baby (it's just weird mission lingo)
This week we have been going finding crazy. Talking with as many people as we can, running after people to ask for directions (and then talking to them about the gospel of course), knocking doors, visiting members, making little goodies for them so they like us more, and asking them to help us find people to teach. And we've seen so many miracles of Heavenly Father leading us to people who are prepared, we've found a lot, and it's been so fun. Most of the people have been French speakers, because are area is primarily French, but this week we are on the search for Anglophones!

We have to get going soon, we have a teaching appointment in a little bit, so I hope everyone has a great week, next week I'll come more prepared to get int the specifics of things, but pray for us and for the hearts of the people we work with this week. We know Heavenly Father has miracles in store for us.

Took a picture of her shovelling snow because she's a pro. She taught me how to do it. 
I'm a proud mom :)

With our new friend Wilfred. He's basically the Guinean version of Morgan Freeman. 
He sounds just like him too, we love him.

Bonne semaine! 
Sister Thomas 

Saying goodbye to Sister Dinge :'( I miss my Frenchie.

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