Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Miracle in My Hands

23rd May 2017

Hi everyone!

Sister Bolander wanted to be artsy while we were by the water. 
We call this one, future lookin' bright

Hope you are all doing well, this week has been so wonderful, filled with happy moments! 
I want to explain everything, but it may be a little difficult for me because I got stuck with keyboard that is barely functional, so we'll see how this goes. 

And we are emailing today because yesterday we celebrated the birthday of Queen Victoria with the rest of Canada, it's basically like memorial day for the states, a day off, but no one knows why. We spent it by doing a service project in downtown Montreal, we picked up trash and cleaned up some gardens. It was wonderful! And the rain even stopped for the whole three hours we were there. It was a miracle! (because it started raining really hard right when we left, tender mercy!)

This last week we were able to start teaching a women named Nicole, who was a referral from a member of the Spanish speaking congregation! She is wonderful and we love her and her family to pieces already. Nicole is from the Congo, but speaks Swahili and a little bit of English. We met with her last Saturday and talked with her about her relationship with God, and prayer, and then we invited her and her three kids to come to church with us. She was so excited because she has been in Canada for 5 months but hasn't been able to go to church, and she was searching for a place to go. So the next morning we met up with them and walked with them, Nicole, Maxy (7), Marcus (6), and Malcom (3 months) to church. We only got lost twice, had to turn around once, and had to make up some games to keep the kids entertained, but we got there! (don't worry they only live like 12 minutes away from the church, we just weren't familiar with the best route)
While at church, Nicole was so happy. She kept turning to us and saying, "I love this church! This church is perfect!" She was so happy that her family was there together. Her husband is actually in Alberta now for work, but he should be coming back in a few months. 

But the real miracle was last night. We had a lesson with Nicole and we brought the member who told us about her, Jessica, who has only been in Canada for a month (and she's already doing missionary work, she's the best)!! And it was so wonderful. Nicole made us a delicious African dinner and then we talked with her about the Book of Mormon. She had great questions, but the thing that struck me was listening to Jessica, who spoke very limited English, testify about the Book of Mormon and what it has done for her. She said, "the book is a miracle in my hands." And that hit me. And since last night I've been reflecting about my testimony of the Book of Mormon, and I have come to realize that my words match hers. That book is a miracle in my hands, in my life, and it has changed me forever. We've taught many people this week more about the Book of Mormon, and in preparation for that, I've been reading it and studying it very intently, making sure that when I bear witness of its truthfulness, I am doing so from my heart. And that study and that preparation, things that I have been doing since the beginning of my mission, have paid off. And now I can say truly, that the Book of Mormon is a miracle in itself, and the things it has taught me about my Savior have changed my heart. I understand Jesus Christ more now, I've been studying what He said to people long ago by marking the times where His words are quoted by ancient prophets. It has taught me so much. And studying it with the Bible has enriched my perspective of how much the Lord loves us, His people, in all areas of the world. I'm just so happy to know what I know.

Made a map out of Alma 32 for Ryan, he loved it! He is doing so good :)

And I know that everyone can come to that knowledge for themselves, it's not specific or limited to me or to other missionaries, or members, but it's a knowledge that the whole world can come to. And did you know that we actually give away free Book of Mormons' like all the time? Or did you know that you can order a free one online? just go on, and bam its right there! Just sayin'.

Anyways, I love you all. Really truly.
I hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Thomas 

Got some sauce packets from Taco Bell and we fell in love

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