Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bonne Fête des Mères!

15th May 2017

Sister Barnes (MY MTC COMPANION! wow is training at the same time with me!!!!), 
Sister Simpson (the MTC companion of Sister Bolander, 
also I know her her older sister so that's funny), 
Sister Bolander (love her lots and lots), me

Hi everyone!

Wowowowowow, what a week. Last week feels like a century ago. So much change this last week and so many exciting things happened. First off, I got my new companion this last Wednesday! Her name is Sister Bolander, she's from Arizona, she went to three years of college at BYU before her mission, and she is basically the coolest and I love her. She flew into Montreal on Tuesday, so this is all very new to her. But she is so wonderful, and we've had lots of speical moments together already, so I think it's fair to say that we are both happy.

And before I go any further, HAPPY (late) MOTHER'S DAY to all the amazing mom's in the world. We are so lucky to have you, thank you for all that you do, you make this world a better place. 
Here's a super beautiful video about mom's that the church made, Happy Mother`s Day :) (it only made me cry a little okay)
 MY MOTHER SHE IS SO PRETTY! I was so happy!!!
But it really is my favorite day, and I got to see some of my favorite people! Just seeing the faces of my beautiful mom, my amazing step mom, my dad, and all my sweet family made me SO happy. It really was a blessing to talk with them. And it feels weird to know that will be the last time I see their virtual faces before I get to see them in real life and squeeze their guts out. My goodness, time flies so quickly, and I just hope it'll slow down a little bit before August. But, even if it doesn't, I know Sister Bolander and I will enjoy our time together and rejoice in all the miraculous things the Lord will do for us. 


I just want to share one special tender mercy that happened this week. 
There was an older sister, Sister Poppe, in the congregation that passed away at the beginning of May and this last Saturday was her funeral. And sadly, because she was so sick, we had never had the chance to meet her, but we wanted to go to the service in hopes of supporting her family and friends. So, the day before the funeral, we were running around going to different appointments and talking to different people, and as we were driving, we were both super hungry, so we decided to pull over and get some lunch. The restaurant we chose was the very glamorous Burger King, but we were happy because they had a nice special going on (don't worry mom, we're not regulars there). Anyways, after we finished eating were about to walk out and and this man stopped us for a second, and said "Sisters! I'm so happy to see a familiar face!" We were a little surprised, because that's definitely usually not the response we get, but we started talking with this man and it turns out he was the son of Sister Poppe! He had drive down from Toronto for the funeral, he was tired and of course a little sad, but he said it was so nice to see us. Then we got to talk to him the next at the funeral, and all the rest of his family, and they talked about how their brother had told them about the experience and how much a tender mercy it was from the Lord for Him to send us to a Burger King at just the right time. And it showed me again that there are never any coincidences. 

Remember that this week, there is a reason for everything!
Until next Monday,

Sister Thomas

Coke in Quebec. Toi + Moi = <3 CUTE.

 SINCE WHEN ARE LAYS CHIPS LIKE THAT? We were talking to Ryan as he was working at a convenience store and we had fun looking around when people came in

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