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8th May 2017 


We had a dinner appointment with the daughter of my favorite person ever this last week
 (Sister Loute from my last area!!!), so we showed up,
just so excited to see her daughter Foster, 
but then Sister Loute came out from around the corner 
and I about fainted I was so happy to see her. I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!

​​Hi everyone!

This week has been so crazy, another one full of miracles and happy things. And if you've ever wondered what May is like in Canada weather-wise, don't. It's not that great. At least this last week the weather has been annoying. Still cold, rainy and windy. This morning we walked out of our apartment and we think it was trying to snow. Oh Canada, what are we going to do with you.

But guess what, as this last transfer came to a close, last Saturday night we got a phone call, and we were told there would be some changes. Sister Bascom will be leaving and going to Quebec City this Wednesday, and her new companion will be my old bestie, SISTER ZOBRIST! (we laughed so hard) and as for me.............................. I'M TRAINING AGAIN! (are you freaking out, because I was too, I couldn't believe it) Sooooo, I will be receiving a brand new missionary, and most likely be spending the last three months of my mission with her, here in this area, I'm so happy! And soon enough I'll know who my new companion is. I'm excited to meet her :)

Our cute family in the ward who all speaks Sign Language, they were 
so sad to see Sister Bascom and her hands go :(

Okay, so I have to tell you all the wonderful things of this week, get ready.

Funny things,

OH MY GOSH it was so funny, we were walking out of Sydney's apartment area, and we saw this older Chinese lady with what must have been her grandson, and we were naturally so excited to talk to her, because I love Chinese people and freak out whenever I see one. So we go, and start talking to her in English, and she just looks at us, so we switch to French, and then she goes, "habla espanol?" And were like WHAT! And I try to start contacting her in the Spanish I know while at the same time we are trying to call the Chinese missionaries on our phone, but none of them are answering. Then as I start teaching/contacting in the most broken Spanish I can muster, the Elders call back and start talking to her in Mandarin. Then like 2 minutes later her bus came (dangit). And then the Elders told us she had moved to Venezuela for a while and that's where she learned her Spanish, and had just recently moved here. In the end, she wasn't really interested, but we couldn't stop laughing about how we contacted a Spanish speaking Chinese women. (Side note to the story, we tried to talk with the little kid she was with and he was SO GRUMPY, it was hilarious, I was trying to find something in my bag for him to play with, but man, he just looked like he wanted to punch me, he must have been having a bad day)

Okay, remember Bryan, our super amazing miracle? Well, he started listening to the Book of Mormon this past week, and read through all of the first book of Nephi while at the night shift at his job at a local gas station. He really liked it. Then later in the week, after coming to our Tuesday night activity, he invited us and two other members over for a BBQ at his house, and it was super fun, but it was so so cold outside (AND IT IS MAY, WHY?!), Judy, one of the members had to borrow a scarf from our car. But, in spite of cold, it was great. We had an awesome discussion about church and church meetings while we were listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on his phone. He really is doing well. He came to church yesterday, we had a special broadcast for the North America Northeast area, and an apostle spoke, and he really enjoyed it. Recipe for success!
Photographic evidence of our super awesome BBQ with super awesome friends.

Another thing, we have been teaching a mother and her daughter for a little while now, and the mother is about to give birth. No like seriously, her C-section is scheduled for this Thursday. But they are so wonderful! She had some questions about the prophet Elijah in the bible, mostly because the mom (her name is Godlyn) really liked the name and was thinking about that name for her baby boy. So last night we went over and watched a few bible videos about Elijah and had a great time talking about his faith. And her daughter, Murnah, fell in love with the Gospel Library app we put on her moms phone. She was so excited about watching different videos about the Book of Mormon and the Bible. She even said "I want to name the baby Nephi!!! That's such a cute name!!" 

We also met a super cute old Phillippino lady at a local service project we go to. We usually sing with the elderly people at a facility or paint some of the older ladies nails, but this last week, we saw a new face roll into the room and so we went and sat next to her and tried to sing old French sings with her (none of us were very good at French so we just laughed). Then we saw her again the next day, and she is so cute. She doesn't really have family here, so she was really happy to have visitors. And we talked to her about prayer and the love God has for her, and she just looked at us and smiled so big. We love her. 

MAN, how I love this area, its full of some crazy people, but oh, how we love them. I love these members, the friends we have met, and all the people I know that Heavenly Father will introduce us too. I'm excited to show this new Sister how to have fun, how to laugh, how to teach, and how to find joy in missionary life. 

I'm also so excited because its T-minus 6 days until I see the beautiful faces of my family! What a blessing that will be. I can't wait. 

Everything is wonderful, hope everything is wonderful for you all as well. 
I pray for your well being,

One of our members has a BENGAL CAT. 
Have you ever heard of them?!! THEY'RE SO CUTE, and so fun! 
(and actually super expensive, yikes) 
But we tried to eat dinner with them, but me and Sister Bascom 
were just memorized by this cat, she was so cute!!!

Sister Thomas

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