Monday, August 8, 2016

And the Work Continues

August 1st

Helllloooooo everyone,

 A cute Chinese couple that we contacted and gave a Chinese book of Mormon to.
 We asked if they could take a picture of us at the pier, 
but then they wanted one with them too. Ohhhhh I love them.
This week was so wonderful. I know I say that every week, and I know that some weeks have been harder than others, but every time Monday rolls around and I come to email, all the cruddy things that may have happened during the week are forgotten and all I can remember are the miracles and the happy things. So yes, another successful week. 

Sister Morgan is adjusting well to the mission! She officially completed her first week in the field, and she's still smiling, so things must be going okay. Sometimes I forget that she's so new to everything, and that I have to explain everything, even the little things like how they sell gas here or how milk, for whatever reason, is sold in bags. I just got used to Sister Zobrist and I being on the same page with everything, so training is just a little different. But she's learning and so am I. 

We helped Bridget a lot this week (the pregnant Nigerian) with setting up her house and cleaning for the baby. I'm so stinking excited to meet this child. She went to the hospital yesterday so he should be here sometime soon. I've only ever known Bridget as pregnant so that'll be a weird transition. And then on Saturday the ward threw her a baby shower and it was the cutest thing. The women here really take care of her. They took care of everything! The crib, the clothes, the stroller, diapers, wipes, and a baby bath, readily supplied and freely given by people who genuinely care for her. And Bridget is just so overwhelmed with gratitude. Man, she is a special women. She showed up to her baby shower looking like a Nigerian Princess. She was so beautiful. Even at 9 months pregnant she was wearing a beautiful gown and fabulous make up. She's my favorite.

the FABULOUS BRIDGET at her baby shower. OH man, she is the Queen. 
A Pregnant Nigerian Goddess.

We also had not one but TWO investigators come to church! I about died. James came and all of Sacrament meeting was about how we can grow our testimonies, and it was everything he needed to hear and more. He's making great progress. And then we picked up another investigator this week. His name is Salman and he's from Pakistan (so he speaks like 5 languages) and he is AMAZING. He grew up Catholic in Pakistan and was super persecuted for being a Christian (which is a real problem there). But he found the Church when he moved to downtown Montreal and the missionaries started teaching him, but then he moved to the West Island then he called US and we've been teaching him since. And he's come to church twice now, and the ward loves him, and he is just smitten with the people in the ward. He always talks about how nice they are and how good of an atmosphere it is. Then we taught him the restoration this morning and he was very attentive the whole time, and he had a lot of questions, but he said that he would pray and ask God if what we taught was true. So send prayers his way people, because he is something special. 

I've also learned a lot about prayer this past week, as we've explained it to people we've contacted on the street and as we've explained it within the walls of peoples homes, I've realized it is such a special thing. It's so tender to express the fact that we can talk with the Divine Creator of all things, and that He does listen to our prayers and hear the pleadings of our hearts. And it's all because He loves us. The Maker of us all actually knows each of us individually. And He wants us to talk to Him! The Father of our spirits is much like our earthly father, in the fact that He loves us and wants to communicate with us. To see how we're doing, to have us ask for advice, so that He can help us and guide us along the way. And as I've prayed to Him more sincerely, I've felt Him comfort me and guide me, and I truly do feel closer to Him. And that's because I am. It's because I was making the time to talk with Him, to listen to His promptings, and then to do what He wanted and needed me to. Prayer really is so special. So please, don't forget to pray. 

And, of course, a lot of other things happened this week, as they usually do, but time won't permit me to explain everything, but I promise a lot of great stuff is happening here in Kirkland, and I'm excited that I get to be here for it, especially with Sister Morgan. 

But have a beautiful, wonderful week. I love and pray for you all,

Sister Thomas
 A scary sign we found this past week. 
It translates to something like "pay attention to our children, it could be yours," 
and that may not be super weird, 
but it's really the picture of the mutilated child that's disturbing.

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