Monday, August 8, 2016

New Compainions, Training, and Faith

July 25th


On Wednesday I picked up my new companion and welcomed her to the mission field! Her name is Sister Morgan, and she grew up in Oregon (Salem), and then moved to Eagle Mountain, Utah, so like me she has two homes. She learned Spanish growing up and was actually called to serve in Spanish, but learned French in the MTC, and now she's in an English area, so that's fun for her. The members already love her, and so do I. I'm looking forward to spend this next 3 months with her to show her the ropes of missionary life!

Me and Sister Morgan pointing to our area :)

James is still doing great. He said a few prayers after lessons with us this past week, and it's been really cool to see his progression. He is getting more and more comfortable talking to his Father in Heaven, and his prayers are more and more meaningful. He has some problems understanding the Book of Mormon, but we are working on that with him by reading it with him and explaining some of the things that are happening. We are also reading passages in the Book of Mormon as we are teaching him the lessons to help give him good experiences as he reads and learns the principles of the gospel. So keep praying for him, because the prayers have obviously worked so far.

We also taught Denise this week, which was all in French, and that was interesting to say the least, because my French is still soooo bad, and Sister Morgan's is still so new, but Denise was so patient with us. It was fine displaying the doctrine, the only hard part for me was actually being able to answer the questions she would ask. But it'll get better, and Sister Morgan and I will both improve. We have the faith to make it happen. 

This week I've also learned a lot about following the Spirit and acting on the promptings. Before, Sister Zobrist was always so intuned to the Spirit, so I would always look to her when we needed direction on where to go or what to do. And now, that I'm here with a new missionary, she is looking to me to figure out what to do. So this week I've been doing my best to listen for promptings and then acting upon them. For example, there is a family that is moving out of the ward in the next few weeks, and one time at church they expressed that they might need help packing. Then on Friday, while we had other things planned, I kept feeling that we should go see this family. So we dropped in, unannounced (a typical missionary thing to do) and ask the wife what we could do to help them. She put us right to work and we were able to get almost a whole room packed away, and we really helped them start the actual packing process. They kept expressing how grateful they were to us and how we had come "at the perfect time" and that was a huge testimony to me that that was the place we were supposed to be at that time to help them. Several other similar experiences happened, where we visited people we hadn't planned, called people we hadn't thought to call, or walked where we hand't been before, and amazing things were the result. I know that if we follow those little promptings, or nudges, by the Spirit, we can really align our will with Heavenly Fathers, and we can truly make miracles happen. 

I pray that we can all listen a little better to what God may be telling us, because it really could be a direct answer to someones prayers. You could literally be saving someone.

Have a great week, and know that someone in Canada loves you, 

Sister Thomas
 The essential first picture with the mission president and his wife. 
President and Sister Phillips are seriously the best! 
We love them sooooo much.

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