Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Labor day? More like Labor HOOORRAAAAY

September 6th

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day! (which yes, is the reason I didn't get to email yesterday, because Holidays are noooooot Holidays for missionaries!) It actually was the perfect day to contact people, especially families. Our ward had a Pancake Picnic in the park in the morning for breakfast, and it was a great turn out! We had a few people we invited come and they got to meet the other members and chat with them, so we were super happy. Sister Morgan and I did face-painting for the kids, and it attracted a lot of attention from other people who were just visiting the park, so we were extra happy. And by the time the picnic was over we were exhausted. I've never face-painted so much in my life. But now I can say with confidence that I can indeed make a child's face look like a wolf and/or kitty. 
 Caught in face painting action.

Me and Amina, who's mom came up to us and asked how much the face painting was. 
Never before have I been so excited to say FREEEEEEEE. 
She was from Yugoslavia and was really nice, 
but not interested in our message, BUT that's okay.

Me as Tony the Tiger. 
Courtesy of Sister Morgan and her face painting skills that were practiced on me.

I had to add this one because it was taken by a 4 year old (the little girls sister) 
who's family came to the picnic and had a great time meeting the other members! SUCCESS.

And right after we emailed last week, we went to a park to walk around and we ran into this family from Guatemala (and every time we meet a Spanish speaker I just throw Sister Morgan at them because she speaks Spanish) and we talked to them about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration, they were practicing Evangelicals but they were really interested. We parted ways after exchanging information (turns out they live super far away from us, and the people we thought were the parents were actually just family-friends, oops awkward) and kept walking around. Fast-forward like an hour later we stumbled across them again, and they said they were just talking about us. They were fascinated about why/how we were serving missions instead of going off and partying like other kids our age. We started explaining and it was great experience. And before we left all the kids gathered around us and they wanted to take a picture. And how can you say no to a bunch of little kids who were holding and trying to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish we gave them? Answer: You can't. 

The cute kids we contacted. 
Yes, they're holding the Book of Mormon open to the picture of Jesus, cutest ever.

And to continue with the Spanish theme, we meet this SUPER cute girl from Colombia last night, and it turns out her cousin actually served a mission and got married in the temple! And Jessica has only been in Canada for a few years, but she said that she'd gone to church before and that she'd be interested in learning more! Of course the whole conversation was in Spanish but I actually was able to understand a lot of it. Yay, so maybe I'll pick up some Spanish with Sister Morgan too. Anyways, Jessica has the cutest 7 month old baby ever, and right as we were leaving we got to meet her husband. Sooooo you bet your life we are going to be teaching this cute family. Wish us luck.

 Our Saturday Morning Breakfast Buddy, Sister Malo <3 (my favorite)
In honor of my 7 month mark, a member let me where her super cool wolf jacket 
and take a picture with all the squash from her garden. Oh she's my favorite!
That's it for this week, I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember how much God loves His children,

Sister Thomas

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